Frequently Asked Questions

  • Club magazines
    • Q: How do I cancel a publishing (club / magazine) product subscription?

      Call customer service on 0860 576 576 and they will process the cancellation. See related: publishing T&C's

    • Q: If I see my name in the magazine how do I claim my prize?

      You can call Customer Services and they will transfer you to the relevant magazine's assistant and coordinator.

    • Q: How do I apply for a bursary/scholarship?

      There is an application form inside the magazine that you complete and can fax, email and post to TFG. Reply details are above the application form

    • Q: How do I enter the Club competitions?

      As a Club member you get entered automatically in monthly randomized draw that is audited by an independent audit organisation. Crossword and Sudoku are manual enrties. Please refer to your latest Club magazine copy for more details.

    • Q: How do I subscribe to the magazine?

      You can subscribe on on your PC, tablet or phone by logging in and selecting the "magazines" tab or contact Customer Services.

    • Q: Are there any requirements in order to become a member?

      Yes. You need to be a valid TFG account holder and payments must be up to date.

    • Q: Where can I find more information about the publications available and their associated benefits?

      On our websites -,,,,, or by phoning customer services and asking to speak to the marketing department for that magazine.

    • Q: Are the magazines only available in English?

      Club magazine for Platinum Club and Club members is also now available in Afrikaans

    • Q: Where do I find details on how to make use of my benefits?

      All numbers are available on the benefits page of your monthly magazine.

    • Q: Can I receive more than one of the same magazine a month?

      Only Kids Superclub magazine. The current system does not allow for this for other publications. However, if you have more than one TFG account card, you can have one subscription per card (i.e. if you have a Markham and a Foschini card, you can have one subscription on your Markham card and the other on your Foschini card).

    • Q: What is the difference between Club and Platinum Club?

      Platinum Club includes a R10 000 death benefit and up to R10,000 account settlement.

      As a Platinum Club member you also stand a chance to win a car every month and have access to the Platinum Club discount mall for amazing lifestyle, wellness, eating out and entertainment discounts.

      Platinum Club includes all the benefits of Club including the Superdraw, grocery vouchers and more.

      Platinum Club is charged at R30. Club alone excludes the Platinum Club benefits and is charged at R20.90.

    • Q: Can I request a free sample magazine?

      Yes - call customer services on 0860 576 576 and they will transfer you to the marketing coordinator for that magazine