Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Q: Can I cover my whole family with Account Benefits?

      Account Benefits only has a personal plan option, meaning it only covers the main account holder.

    • Q: If I am retrenched, am I able to make a claim with Account Benefits.

      No. Account Benefits only has a death cover, account settlement (in the event of death), lost card protection and SMS alert, it does not cover you in the event of your retrenchment.

    • Q: Do I have the option to be charged more for Account Benefits so that the payout for the death cover and account settlement can increase?

      No, there is a standard rate that everyone pays and payouts are also standard.

    • Q: Can I take out Account Benefits if I already have other funeral covers with TFG (The Foschini Group)?

      Yes you can.

    • Q: Most insurance products lapse at the age of 65, is this the case for Account Benefits as well?

      No. Account Benefits does not lapse when you reach 65 years of age.

    • Q: What is the waiting period before I can submit a claim for Account Benefits?

      There is no waiting period.