Frequently Asked Questions

  • TFG Fraud Alert
    • Q: I would like to know more about TFG Fraud Alert. Who can I phone?

      If you need additional information on TFG Fraud Alert, please call us on 0860 555 868, from 08:30 – 16:30, Monday – Friday, or go to the following link:

    • Q: What is TFG Fraud Alert?

      TFG Fraud Alert is an optional service which you may subscribe to, and is offered to you by TFG. If you subscribe to this service, we will send you an SMS each and every time a purchase with a value of over R100.00 (one hundred rand) is made on your TFG account using your account card.

      We will send the SMS to the cellphone number that you provided to us when you applied for your account, or any other number which you provide at a later stage to use as your preferred contact number. Your cellphone number must be a valid and registered South African cellphone number, failing which you will not receive the service.

      The SMS will contain details about the date on which the purchase on your account was made, the amount of the purchase, and in which TFG brand store the purchase was made.

    • Q: What is the cost of the service?

      The cost of the service is R4.50 per month, billed to your account.

    • Q: What happens if the R4.50 is billed to my account and I do not pay my monthly instalment?

      If your account is in arrears the service will terminate automatically. The service will resume automatically once the cost of the service has been paid for in full.

    • Q: Can I cancel TFG Fraud Alert after I have subscribed to it?

      Yes, you can cancel TFG Fraud Alert at any time by:

      • Contacting our Customer Services department on 0860 576 576;
      • emailing us at; or
      • Visiting any of our TFG trading stores and requesting the service to be cancelled.

      You must give 30 (thirty) days' notice if you want to cancel the service.