Frequently Asked Questions

  • Accounts
    • Q: How do I replace a lost / stolen / damaged card?

      You will need to block your card, which can be done at TFG Online, in store, or through the customer service call centre. Then you will need to go into your nearest store to sign for and collect your new card. If your card is lost or stolen, you will need to pay a replacement fee of R50.

    • Q: How do I change my payment plan?

      Phone customer cervice (0860 576 576) and an agent will assist you. Remember that if you are going from a 12 month interest bearing account, to a 6 month interest free account, your instalments may increase if you have an outstanding balance.

    • Q: I am unable to pay my current instalment. What can I do?

      If you are on a 6 month interest free account, you can change to a 12 month interest bearing account. If not, please call customer services to discuss other options.

    • Q: When is my instalment payment due by?

      Your full instalment is due to be paid by the 1st of the following month, or interest will be charged.

    • Q: How do I activate a debit order / how do I cancel a debit order?

      Debit orders must be activated or cancelled via email ( or fax (021 937 4451) or at your nearest TFG store. This form can be found here: download debit order form. Debit order cancellations must be made with one month's written notice.

    • Q: How does a debit order work?

      A debit order form authorizes TFG to deduct the total due on your TFG account on a monthly basis indefinitely unless / until you choose to cancel this agreement in writing.

      Our systems automatically cancels a debit order that goes unpaid for 2 months.

      A debit order instruction CANNOT be processed on TFG accounts with the following account status: o Arrear accounts o Charged Off accounts Important note: this method of payment is not offered to customers in Lesotho & Botswana

    • Q: How do I apply for a credit increase?

      You need to fill in and submit a credit application form with 3 months proof of income proof of income at any one of our stores. This form can be found here: download credit increase form.

    • Q: Why is my total due on my statement more than my instalment?

      Total due is the instalment you are due to pay this month, less the arrears amount from the previous month. Total due = this month's instalment + last months arrears.

    • Q: How do I pay my account?

      You can pay in any TFG store (with cash, your debit or credit card), by EFT (electronic payment from your bank RSA only), debit orders, or stop orders (you will need to arrange this with your bank)

    • Q: How to I pay via EFT / Electronic payment?

      You have the option to pay your account via ATM machine, using cell phone banking, or via internet by depositing the money directly into our bank account.

      These payments take up to 3 working days to reflect on our system.Your account number must be used as the reference/beneficiary number to ensure your payments are received.

      If you report your card lost, the new account number must be used as the reference/beneficiary number.

      Failure to change the reference/beneficiary number will result in the payment not reflecting on the customer’s account.

      Important note: this method of payment is only offered to South African customers

    • Q: How do I apply for a secondary card?

      You can either fill in an application form and either fax (021 938 7771/2) or email (at it to us. This form can be found here: download secondary card holder form. Or apply at your nearest TFG store.

    • Q: What happens if I cancel my Lay-by lifestyle purchase

      If your payments totalled less than R1500 to date: You will be refunded in store immediately. If the your payments totalled more than R1500: this amount will need to be paid into your bank account. You will need to bring you ID book and proof of bank account into store.

    • Q: What is the interest rate I'm charged on my 12 month or interest bearing plan?

      Your interest rate is variable, and will be based on the interest rate allowed in terms of the NCA

    • Q: Can I reopen my account if I previously closed it?

      Depending on its status, an account can be reopened. You must go into your closest store (of the card you previously had) with your ID document and the store staff will assist you.

    • Q: Why was interest charged on my interest free / 6 months interest free plan?

      Interest will be charged on your account when:

      When a short payment is made (less than total payment due)

      When a monthly payment is missed

      When a late payment is made NB: All account payments needs to be made by the 1st of the month.

    • Q: How is interest calculated?

      Interest is calculated as follows:

      • It is calculated according to a formula as set out in the National Credit Act, on the daily balance and charged to the customer’s account on the 1st of each month.
      • It is charged on the outstanding balance, not on the payment outstanding.
      • The interest charged is added to the revolving credit balance, not to the payment outstanding.
      • Interest is charged up until the date the account is brought up to date.
    • Q: How is interest calculated on an interest bearing account?

      Interest is charged from the day of purchase on the Extended Credit Plan. It is included in the monthly instalment and is reflected on the statement. No additional interest is charged if a payment is short paid or missed. TFG charges interest on extended credit plans whether the account is in arrears or not. This means that interest is calculated on the previous months’ average balance excluding the interest amount that was charged for that month

    • Q: How do I calculate my interest?

      Formula used to calculate interest: Revolving Credit - 6 months (may be interest bearing) Average balance of the plan multiplied by the interest rate % divided by the days of the year multiplied by 30 Extended Credit - 12 months (interest bearing) or any other interest bearing plan Average balance of the plan multiplied by the interest rate % divided by the days of the year multiplied by the days of the specific month

    • Q: What is the credit bureau?

      A credit bureau is a company where consumer information is pooled and shared. This enables companies such as TFG to be more responsible in its lending to you as we can more accurately check your current credit commitments; and better ensure we only offer you the amount of credit that you can afford coupled with the income and expenditure information you give us.

    • Q: What happened at the credit bureau if I miss a payment / default on my credit commitments to TFG?

      This missed payment will be logged at the credit bureau for up to 5 years and will negatively affect how likely another lender will be to give you credit.