Frequently Asked Questions

  • Airtime > Access to Airtime on Credit
    • Q: Why have I not been selected for this product?

      We are still evaluating selling airtime on TFG accounts. A random selection of accounts were selected to have access for testing purposes. Following this the eligibility rules and access for all TFG account customers will be reconsidered. Only RSA citizens are eligble

    • Q: How can I become a member of this pilot?

      Customers were selected on a random basis and at this stage our processes does not allow for any exceptions

  • Airtime > OTB/Credit
    • Q: Why is my airtime credit only a portion of my credit limit?

      Aligned to being a being a responsible lender, TFG does not want to overcommit customers. Remember that the full airtime value becomes due within the month and will be added to your instalment.

    • Q: How can I increase my Airtime credit allocation?

      You cannot while we are still in Beta phase. However, We will be introducing additional features on an ongoing basis, incuding the ability to review your airtime credit and adjust this based on your airtime usage and based on responsible use of your account.

    • Q: Will the airtime purchase increase my installment due?

      Yes, all airtime purchases will be added to your instalment, due by the 1st of the following month.

  • Airtime > Purchasing Airtime
    • Q: I bought from the incorrect supplier, can I swop it to Cell C; Vodacom etc.

      No, we suggest that you forward or swop it with a friend or relative as we are unable to make any changes on bought airtime.

    • Q: My airtime that I have just bought never updated onto my cellphone.

      Re-send sms or Re-issue voucher

    • Q: Does airtime purchases reflect immediately off my balance


    • Q: Can I purchase airtime on all my Foschini Group accounts.

      No, only on one of your accounts.

    • Q: On what plans can I purchase airtime?

      Plan 21 - where payment of the full purchase value is due the 1st if the following month.

  • Airtime > Statement Queries
    • Q: I see an airtime purchase was made on my account but I didn't make the purchase. What process must I follow to have it removed?

      You will need to complete a Disputed Purchase Declaration form in store and get Affidavit from Police station. Please call customer service on 0860 576 576

    • Q: Is there a charge for buying airtime?

      Yes there is a transaction fee of R1.50 charged for processing the transaction on your mobile and TFG store account.