Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How is the premium for Jewellery Insurance billed to my account?

    10% or 20% (depending on whether you choose the 1 or 2 year cover) of the jewellery item's original selling price is billed once-off to your account and this can be paid off over 6 or 12 months (depending on your payment plan).

  • Q: If I buy a jewellery item in cash, do I qualify for Jewellery Insurance and how do I pay for it?

    Yes, you do qualify. 10% or 20% of the jewellery item's original selling price is paid, in cash, up-front.

  • Q: How many days do I have to insure my jewellery item?

    30 days from date of purchase.

  • Q: If I wish to cancel my Jewellery Insurance what do I do?

    You may give us a 30 days written notice or you can call our Customer Service Centre on the number 0860 576 576.

  • Q: If I wish to claim, what do I do?

    Within 48 hours of the damage, loss or theft you must go to the police. You will have to sign an affidavit at the police station providing full details of the cause of the damage, loss or theft. If the insured jewellery was lost or stolen, you must also get a police case number. Within 30 days of the date the insured jewellery was damaged, lost or stolen you must go to one of our stores. For claims for loss or theft, you must take your affidavit, the police case number and proof of ownership. For claims for damage, you must take your affidavit and proof of ownership as well as the damaged insured jewellery. Fill in a claim form. The store staff will help you fill in the form and will fax it, along with any other documents to our Claims Administration Dept.

  • Q: Can I cover more than one jewellery item?

    Yes, you can cover as many items as you would like.

  • Q: What happens if I skip (i.e. don't pay) an account payment?

    If you skip an account payment, you will not be covered in the event of a claim.

  • Q: When will I not be covered?

    If your account is in arrears;  If you no longer have an account with us; If the loss or damage is caused recklessly or deliberately, for example:  If the jewellery goes missing from any vehicle.  If the jewellery is not safely stored or left unattended in a public place. If your let children play with the jewellery. Please read the Policy for the full exclusions (i.e. what is not covered and instances where loss, damage or theft will not be covered).

  • Q: If my claim is approved, what is the process that I should follow?

    If your claim is approved, the Foschini Group store where you made the claim, will phone you to come and collect your repaired jewellery or the replacement jewellery. You must collect it from this store within 60 days of the store having phoned you.

  • Q: How do I follow up on the progress of a claim?

    You can contact our Claims Department on (021)938-1911.

  • Q: When claiming, do I pay an excess?

    Yes, you will have to pay a certain amount towards each approved claim. Please see the table below for the amount that you will have to pay if your claim is accepted:

    If this is your:

    You’ll pay:

    First claim that we accept

    10% of the original selling price of the insured jewellery

    Second claim that we accept

    20% of the original selling price of the insured jewellery

    Further claims that we accept

    30% of the original selling price of the insured jewellery