Frequently Asked Questions

  • Returns Policy
    • Q: What are the returns policies?

      If you are not happy with your purchase, return it within 30 days, in its original condition together with the invoice and price tag and we will gladly exchange or credit the item. For hygiene reasons, you cannot return toiletries, perishable foods and cosmetics. A separate Returns Policy exists for certain brands of appliances: Breville, Saeco, Nespresso, Kenwood, Kitchenaid, Lavazza & Bosch.

    • Q: What do I do if my product breaks or is defective?

      Six month return policy for defective goods allows you to return goods within six months of date of purchase, provided that:

      • The goods must have been used for their intended purpose.
      • The goods must have been cared for according to the instruction manual or the wash/care instruction label.

      We will either:

      • Repair or replace the goods; or
      • Give you a refund in the same way that you paid for the goods.

    • Q: What are the returns policies on broken, damaged or defective delivered goods?

      For goods that you buy and that we deliver, for example: furniture, mattresses and artwork, there are other terms and conditions that apply and not the returns policies above. A copy of these terms and conditions will be given to you when you buy one of these goods and ask us to deliver them. If you buy on credit, our standard terms and conditions will apply.

    • Q: Can I return an item without a slip?

      No, to return any goods, you must take your tax invoice and goods to a store. It shows when and where the goods were bought.

    • Q: Can I return items if I don't have a receipt?

      To return any goods received as a gift, you must take the gift receipt to a store with the goods.

    • Q: What are the returns policies for Breville Appliances?


      If the appliance is defective due to the way it was made, it can be returned within 12 months from date of purchase provided that:

      1) The appliance has been used for its intended purpose. Please note that all @home appliances are for domestic use only and not intended for industrial or commercial use.
      2) The appliance must have been cared for according to the manufacturer’s instruction manual and product care instruction label.
      3) @home may refuse to accept return of or replace an appliance if in @home’s assessment the use and care of the appliance did not comply with 1 and 2 above.
      4) When accepting a return @home will either:-
      • Refund you in the same way that you paid for the goods, or
      • Exchange the appliance


      • If the appliance is returned after 12 months from date of purchase, it will be sent for repairs assessment and/or repairs at the customer’s cost.
      • Toasters and kettles are excluded from repairs as no spares are available.
      • A three month warranty applies to any new or reconditioned parts fitted during any repair on maintenance work.
      • We may not be able to repair appliances returned more than 18 months after date of purchase or when there are no spares available.
      • Please note that certain product spares will have to be sourced from overseas and this will extend the time it takes to service and deliver.